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Thank you so much for you work and commitment to this race. I know how excited we all were to show the country all of the great progressive victories that are possible with a Minnesota organizer at the head of the DNC. I want to congratulate Tom Perez on his victory, and I look forward to his leadership and his partnership with Congressman Ellison to bring a portion of Keith’s vision for building grassroots political power to our party.

Personally, I can’t possibly describe the gratitude that I have for the outpouring of support and energy that all of you put in to this race.  I believe that our movement is truly stronger than ever and you are all a huge part of that.

This is not the end of a potential campaign, but rather the beginning. The beginning of being more involved, more engaged, and working harder than ever to welcome our friends and neighbors into the political process. I will continue to work with you to turn our fear into fight, our emotion into empathy, our sorrow into strategy, and our despair into hope. I am incredibly grateful for all your support.

Miigwech (Thank you)

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